Question:  Do you know this toy, Dopey?   Is it possible to make this a vent Figure and also have the eyes move on a rod like the mouth?  I hope you have seen these before.   The ears turn and the eyes go up and down at the same time.   The mouth is fixed.  It is small, approximately 10" tall.   Or, could the thing be taken apart to use the ears and the eyes, on a Mortimer head?
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From Mr. D:  I have not seen one of the Dopey dolls first hand, but  I do know that from your description of the doll and its size, it would be next to impossible to convert the doll itself to a vent figure.     It would appear that the ears could be transferred to a Mortimer head and made to move.  However, not so with the eyes.  Mortimer's eyes are horizontal in shape while Dopey's are vertical (and small).

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  1. Anonymous7/25/2012

    Back in the 1930's they made a real Dopey ventriloquist figure. It is a very rare figure!