Mark Wade Writes


I like to go and see other vents work. I try to take in all the details of their act, stage presence, puppet manipulation, voices, and other things. But one area I think we overlook sometimes is the maintenance of our show equipment...how it looks to the general public.
I've seen sound systems so beat up and dirty that I am embarrassed for the vent. Suitcases nicked, scratched and microphones caps who need a thorough cleaning. Also case covers (if they have them..) need to also be taken care of.
I suggest when you have some down time to lay out all your equipment, even down to the puppet's clothes themselves, and evaluate the entire show. You'd be surprised how much some Armor All can bring back the shine to cases, and a little touch up paint can make a huge difference in overall appearance. Don't forget cleaning the puppet's clothes or changing outfits. This is important too. I also highly recommend getting case covers made for almost all of you equipment. It keeps everything a lot cleaner if you have to cart things in and out from you car during bad weather.
Remember...people judge your act from the time you walk in the door to the time you leave. Give yourself an advantage with clean and properly maintained equipment. You'll feel good..and you act will shine in more ways than one! 

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