A friend in need is a friend indeed

From Ron Arnold
I have a new ventriloquist figure, Arnie,  made by Dan Payes. I would like to give a REALLY BIG THANKS for the generosity of Eden Hutchinson and to Bob Abdou for his friendship.

I have found that vents are some of the most welcoming of all performers, especially newcomers. Eden Evan Hutchinson was the previous owner and contacted Bob Abdou to share how he wanted to help out someone that would use this figure. Bob thought of me, since we met and became friends at the Texas Vent and Puppet Gathering in Austin last year and we've stayed in contact since then.  He knew I didn't have a professional hard figure yet. I would like to give both of them BIG THANKS for Arnie - Bob for getting us together and Eden for helping out someone in need.
*  *  *  *  *
From Mr. D: Thanks for sharing! Your story again proves what a great ventriloquist community we are all a part of - like, yourself, I am very grateful and blessed!


  1. Nice post. I too have found the Vent Community to be welcoming. I guess it's a creative output that only other vent's really understand.

  2. Great looking figure Ron. Congratulations!