Winchell/Mahoney Bio

What a fascinating feature story (4 pgs) from the 1955 Dec. issue of Cornet magazine: The Man Behind the Dummy.  The publishers of the magazine gave this teaser line, "Out of a block of wood, Paul Winchell carved a career for himself."  However, the article comes short of actually quoting Paul as to who built Jerry.  What the writer does say is this,  "Unlike the ventriloquists who have their dummies built for them, Paul builds his own, for he started out in life to be a scultor.  The Winchell worksroom is a fantastic place full or arms, legs, and heads of Jerry.  Here are developed new techniques to bring Jerry to life."
If you are a Winchell fan, and have not read this piece, now is your chance to add it to your collection!
My eBay auction is for the actual Cornet magazine pages with the full article (not a copy):

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