Cartoon Legs and Feet

Question:  I live in Florida and want to be able to dress my figures in appropriate clothing (shorts, short sleeve shirts, flip flops).  A vent told me that he purchased a pair of Cartoon legs and feet from you.  Do you still make these ?  Terry
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From Mr. D:  A few years ago we did sell bare feet for figures.  The feet were made by Lovik, but I don't have access to anything like that now.   I do have a pair of bare feet in my shop now (see picture) that I purchased from Braylu.  I plan to use them on a 34" figure.  They would not be considered "cartoon" feet, but they are designed to fit inside a normal shoe - nice feature.  You might also check with Tim Cowles.  I think I recently saw a picture of a pair of bare feet he made or was selling.

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