Bonus Gems!

Because I'm not sure what else to do with them, and I certainly do not want to throw them away, I am adding 25 mostly loose mimeographed pages of VENT-O-GRAMs from the early 1960's to my Vent Newsletter "Variety Pack" eBay auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290714421772 

There are some gems to be found on these pages:

You will find excerpts from an visit with Edgar Bergen by Dave Erskine; excerpts from a visit with Max Terhune by Fred Ketch; a mention of Tommy Atkins (Mrs. Ruth A. Buckley) by Charles Hook;

Peter Rich explains how to do the drinking bit; A Vent Crossword by Greg Berlin; a full page Finis and Co. ad for figures (with photos);   Spotlight features on Senor Wences and Howie Olson;

Dialogue "One Thing and Another" by I. V. Norman; Barber Shop Script by John W. Cooper (incomplete); "What's the Use?" short dialogue by Charles Hook;

How To Use A Spectator as a Dummy by Bob Brethen;

Ventsville, a report on vent happenings as Abbott's 30th Get-Together by Dan Gardner;
and more...

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