Molds for wood dough heads

Question:  I'm curious on the wood dough heads you use to make.   Did you use a mold?  What was it made of?  I'm just curious as I'm experimenting with different mediums to make figures.  I'm going to be attempting a carved figure as soon as my wood arrives.  My concept draws are showing to be pretty cartoony (I like Ken Spencer style).  - Godsey
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From Mr. D:  Mrs. Maher provided me with well worn molds made of plaster of paris.  Maybe for one or two casting they are okay.  But not for multiple castings.  This material disintegrates bit by bit too easily.  Mrs. Maher's instruction to me was to grease the mold with Vaseline, press the wood dough into the mold, let dry and remove.  When the plaster chipped she used modeling clay to fill the hole.  It got to the point where the molds showed more clay that plaster!  Her molds had very little detail (no ears, lips, or nose definition).  Such features had to be added by hand to the casting by sculpting/carving wood dough as needed.  It was very labor intensive, but that's how I got started.  I have never carved a head from wood.  For me, lacking carving tools and experience, that would be even more work.

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