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Question:  Recently, I  purchased a vent figure from eBay that was listed as a Lovik. I assumed he was made by Keith Lovik, but now I'm not sure and hope you might know who built this handsome li'l feller. I've looked everywhere and can't find a signature. He is approximately 39 inches and came with "Care and Use of Your Ventriloquist Figure" instructions and an official Ventrilo-buck from Maher Studios. Any info you can provide would be very meaningful. I call him Cody, but would love to know if he came with a name.  Gina from San Francisco
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From Mr. D:  Your vent figure was designed by Craig Lovik, but likely built by Craig's son, Keith.  Sold by Maher Studios.   (The "Ventrilo-Buck" was my design, a result of several can't-sleep-so-well nights.  :-)

While not 100% positive, I do believe the catalog name under which your guy was sold was "Steve".  But Cody fits him very well.  I know he, with your help, will "win many friends and influence throngs of people!"

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  1. Gina from San Francisco3/12/2012

    Thanks so much for the meaningful info about Cody/Steve. Your knowledge and insight is invaluable.