Bargain figure?

Question:  Do you mind if I ask your professional opinion on something? I received an email the other day from someone selling an unused Tim Selberg Professional Ventriloquist Figure for $950.  Would you say that is a steal that I should take advantage? Or am I better off buying a few cheaper puppets first and see how that goes?  Byron
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From Mr. D:  I wouldn't call $950 for a Selberg a "steal" although it might be considered a fair price for what it is..    However, I would really only advise you to consider it if you are stronly attracted to the character and believe it is the fellow you would be proud to be seen with in public for a few years to come.  $950 is a bargain only if it's the perfect fit character.  Otherwise it may not be the best investment and you'll be offering it for sale yourself at some point. The first and most consideration when purchasing any puppet or vent figure is the amount of attraction and appeal that character presents to you.


  1. Anonymous3/08/2012

    You can't beat Clinton Detweiler's figures for price, quality, or craftsmanship. Clinton does amazing work. He is a true craftsman. I am so proud of my Granny figure. I absolutely love her! Thanks again, Clinton.

  2. Anonymous3/08/2012

    Wise and sage advice regarding the character you envision putting into the figure. That is the value of the investment. Like babies who enter our world as beautiful and then develop character from their surroundings, the figure will come to life thru your commitment to the art. By the way, Selberg is quality and craftmanship. I have two and find both to be equal in value even though I paid 3 times as much for one as new than the other as second hand. I did select them both for their future character development. They reminded me of people I know and see their character in these figures coming to life.

  3. Anonymous3/08/2012

    Would you be willing to pass on the information on the Selberg figure if you choose not to purchase it? eliason.terry@yahoo.com