"New" Timmy!

When my shop schedule is filled it is so nice to be able to refer vents to our son, Kevin, knowing he can provided needed services with skill and integrity.  This is a copy of a letter I received just yesterday from one of Kevin's clients:

"Hi Kevin: Please allow me to thank you so VERY much for such the EXCEPTIONALLY well done technical work you've accomplished (so quickly; it's amazing! I'll bet you burned the midnight oil on this handsome "guy") on ol' Timmy (a very early Cowles figure). "Wow!" is all I can say!

Please allow me to continue to say that YOU (and your dad; I'm sure) really do know your inner mechanics; it's no wonder (I'm sure others share my opinion) that you're one of the most valued and respected craftsmen in the trade. Kudos to your fine technical skills... and artistry!

"I couldn't be more pleased with Timmy's positive upgrade; I simply had to let you know.

"BTW: I hope you notice how the complete "new" Timmy looks now; I might add that he's just been fitted with a brand new suit (with matching vintage bow tie!) by a late tailor's grandson....yours truly!

"Warmest personal regards to all,
Kenny Warren
"P.S. What a handsome head of hair this little fellow now has! I wish I could say the same for myself nowadays! LOL!"

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  1. He is looking real good Kenny. I too am envious of his hair.