True Namesake

From Roy White

Clinton:  I have sent the head of my professional figure, "Forrest (Big Bubba) Green Holloway*", and an early Danny O'Day doll head for repairs.  (*All the names for Forrest are local surnames of the watermen and farming community of Poquoson. Trinity UMC in Poquoson gave me Forrest as a going away present when I left Poquoson in 1995.)

The bear--Earl the bear--was made by Mary Ann Taylor, in 2005. I have a second one now, and the first is being rehabilitated by Mary Ann's daughter, Melissa. I lived in Roanoke for seven years as a pastor. The Taylors live in Salem--which is right next to Roanoke.

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  1. Earl has such a kind expression on his face.... as do you.....