ID Mr. D.

Thank you to all who took a guess at which young choir member in this photo from 1950 was Mr. D.  71 one entries were received.  You are a very sharp group!  65% of all entries were correct. 

Yes, I am the one with lots of dark curly hair (those were the days) in the third row, second from the right standing next to the tall boy with blond hair on the end, my cousin and best childhood friend (who, just five year's later would be best man at my wedding!).
Thank you again for participating in my fun "look back" guessing game this Christmas season.  Everyone, including those with incorrect guesses, were sent a ventriloquist collector coin my appreciation and my wish  for a wonderful New Year! 
Clinton and Jerry
 By the way, of the incorrect guesses, fully one-third had the right family, picking out my brother, Jerry, standing in the middle of the front row of the choir photo.  

Today is Jerry's 70th birthday.  Happy Birthday, Bro.!  I've put together a fun photo gallery in his honor with comments covering some of the adventures experienced during our childhood.  You're welcome to take a peek: http://www.jerrydetweiler.blogspot.com/


  1. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane, the clothes sure were different back then. Wish your brother a happy Birthday for me. And thanks again for the coin.

    Bob Conrad

  2. Anonymous1/06/2012

    Great album Clinton! I'm sure your brother is VERY pleased! You were very blessed to have such close family ties. I had 4 siblings growing up & though mom was a saint, & sis & i are thankfully close now, ours was not a close family, though mom tried, but the other parties didn't. I always`wished it was, but in a family of 7 i felt very alone & spent most of my time in nature, which is a BIG love of mine still, so maybe i was just meant to be blessed with close ties to nature & it's critters. You were obviously a great brother & should be proud of yourself. Bill Smith

  3. Frank Ward1/06/2012

    Thanks for sharing wonderful pictures...

  4. M TOWNE1/06/2012

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful family photos. Happy Birthday to Jerry. Thank you for the coin Clinton and your Blog