Looking forward to regaining his voice

From Steve Arne:  I have inherited a Vent figure that my mother used. She always called him “Danny”, but I am not sure if he is a Danny O’Day figure. The hair was never painted under the wig- but in peeking under the wig the hair is parted on the left and there is no sign of the Danny O’Day clump of hair on the left side.  On the back of his neck there is a Juro Novelty Co Inc copyright 1977 stamp. On the wooden post there is stamped “05-088”.  His right arm can be raised by a string in the body cavity. The cavity is foam lined, with plywood top and bottoms and cardboard center.  This is approx a 31 in. figure.  Thanks for any info you can provide. “Danny” lost his voice a couple of years ago, and I am going to try to learn ventriloquism so that “Danny” can re-gain his voice.
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From Mr. D:  Your "Danny" is a figure upgraded in our Maher Studios some 30 or so years ago.   If I remember correctly our numbering system, he would have been the fifth figure completed during the month of August, 1978.  He started life as a Charlie McCarthy doll. The work would have been done by my son and myself.  I'm sorry he lost his voice, but I'm excited you have made it your goal to give him voice and life again.  I'm sure your mother would be pleased as well. 

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