For sale:

One only: Framed and signed page clipping from a new copy of Smithsonian Magazine, Dec. 1993.  This is the actual page clipping (not a copy reproduction). 

The caption reads, "Get 'em warmed up enough-they won't be watching your lips," advises mail-order king Clinton Detweiler." 

(Did I really say that?  I'm almost embarrassed to admit I've ever offered such "advice", but if reported in Smithsonian, it must be true - no magazine I've ever had dealings with worked as hard with their research to insure accuracy of reporting.  In fact, when Smithsonian subscribers read reporter John Ross' comments about the Maher 30 Lesson Home Study Course, some simply sent in their checks with a note asking for a Course.  No questions asked!  The envelopes arrived unannounced in our mailbox with payments enclosed.  And not just one or two, but several dozen!  Nothing like that happened on such a scale with any other piece of publicity ever awarded Maher Studios during the 40 years we have been privileged to offer the Course.)

   I cut up one copy only of this magazine.  Thus, this will be the only such item I'll ever offer for sale. http://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=7032258502517519125

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