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Question:  I read with interest the post by James Tucker in taking his figure to Walmart.   I've another friend who has done that also but I've hesitated (I'm not sure why) to go there with one of my figures.   I'm beginning to think its good advertising. It might be interesting to get input from other vents about taking their figures out in public, why,  when, and what kind of reactions they get!  John Lutton
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From Mr D:  Some vents are more comfortable taking their puppets into local businesses than others.  I've done it on occasion, but generally when I'm meeting with another vent.  For example, I use a local McDonalds for pick up and drop off of vent figures with local vents.  It's fun chatting with customers who seem to take a curious interest.  But I pretty much think it's a matter of what you are comfortable with and enjoy.  It does require more ad libbing than actual routine.  One liners are easy to work in to small talk.  Yes, it can be good advertising.  Maybe I should ask on my blog how many do this and ask for any tips they might have?

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  1. I've taken my hard characters into Goodwill stores, Payless Shoe Source, K-Marts and Wal*Marts to make sure I get the right clothes and shoe size. In the movie/docuVENTary, "DUMBSTRUCK" you'll see me bringing Wendy Wood into my local Wal*Mart to get a dress she can wear at her wedding that was held at the Drawbridge Inn in Ft. Mitchell during the conVENTion.