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Question:  Say, I was just wondering, any chance of Newsy Vents being published again?   I was a member of the NAAV (membership number 420, I believe). Is that still going?  Bill
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From Mr. D: I fear the day of printed and mailed ventriloquist newsletters are over.  Costs of paper, printing and postage have risen drastically, and the Internet with it's lower costs and speed have trained people into looking for news sources that are fast and free.  So, we had to adjust.  In 2004 we disbanded the NAAV.  I continued to publish the printed paper until 2005, then switched to my blog online where I have continued to publish daily: http://ventdj.blogspot.com/   Thank you for your support for so many years!


  1. Anonymous1/11/2012

    I myself ALSO miss the newsletters, but realistically, you get MOOCHO more news here, & it's TOTALLY free {newsy vents WAS virtually free to me though}. & i really enjoy the more personal side of your blog here Clinton. In newsy vents, you stuck to vent related stuff, relating mainly to other vents & not yourselves other than products. where as here, we get to share more of your personal lives via your trips & family events & photos you share. While i do miss all the various stories by & about other vents, it sure is a nice thing to get to know YOU better for a change. yes, i'll always miss my newsy vents, but if change had to come, i'm sure glad it was such a good change as this! Bill Smith. {no relation to the Bill who started this post}

    1. Anonymous1/12/2012

      I, too, have had fun taking Larry out in public. Imagine the customer's and clerk's responses when I took "Larry" out for a fitting. Imagine Larry's response (on just a few times) when he suddenly realizes he's "naked" in public! Easy way to draw a crowd. One of my favorite "public" times was when I was on the road and stopped at a McDonalds. they were advertising a free meal if you could get the workers to laugh. Well, that was an open invitation. I went out to the car, got Larry, walked in and they immediately started laughing, and Larry hadn't even started talking yet! I pulled a little bit of business and had a lot of fun. I even did an impromptu show at a birthday party going on at the time. Public improv can be a great source of free advertising, it even landed me on a local TV news feature once.

      Bill Matthews

  2. I totally agree with Bill. The blog is much more personable and still informative.