Future star?

 I know for a fact there were several thousand youth across the USA who received ventriloquist dolls for Christmas this year.   Zac L. from Austin, Texas was one of those.  I had the honor of lending a hand with Zac's doll, so when on the afternoon of Christmas Day I received the following note from Zac's mother, I was pleased:

"My son loves Scotty. We are all very exited about Scotty's shoes too.  They are Denver Bronco colors!  We are Bronco fans in our house."

Must have been destiny!  My hope is that Zac's ventriloquist career will prove to be a long and successful one!  And I wish the same for every youth who now has a new doll or figure in their hands.  Realistically, most will turn to other interests.  But a few will have embarked on a lifetime hobby, or career.  It does happen...I remember clearly when a Mr. Fator contacted me about his 9 year old son who was "Quite good at ventriloquism, but needs some better material."  You know how that turned out - and continues!


  1. Anonymous12/27/2011

    Mr. Detweiler's dolls are AWESOME. You can see and feel the love that he puts into them. Anyone looking for a ventriloquist doll should check out his selection. We are so happy with our purchase.

    We watched the Maher videos over the holiday too. Scotty already has a profile.

    Very Happy Customer,

  2. Canon John Jordan12/27/2011

    Dear Zac L, On this third Day of Christmas, when the song tells us that the gift is "three French hens" (Faith, Hope and Love), I wish you well, and pray that with "Scotty", you will use the gifts that have been given to you. From old age to youth, you have my sincere good wishes for a long, rewarding and happy career in ventriloquism. Whatever you do, practice, practice, practice. And may Faith, Hope, and Love be spread in the world through you and Scotty for years to come.

  3. Anonymous1/02/2012

    Another amazing creation ('re-creation'?)by Mr. D. Fantastic job!

    Wilson Kindred