The Fourth Wise Man

Today, the day after Christmas, I want to share with you the little known legend of The Fourth Wise Man.  It is told that the group of wisemen who followed the star to Bethlehem that early Christmas long ago, actually began as a foursome.  But tradition has it that only three wise men completed the trip to see the baby Christ child.  So what happened?  Why was the fourth wise man missing? 

Scholars agree that it is likely his camel was not trustworthy to make the trip;  some believe the beast may even have refused to stand.  But why a stately animal would act in such an uncooperative manner, no one knows.  Perhaps the saddleback skills of this rider were lacking.  Several scholars surmise the fourth rider wasn't so wise after all, even going so far as to refer to him as a "dummy" (a bit extreme).  Others think the animal was weak from the frightful sight of this spirited man who refused to wear the robes and turbans of the day, preferring to dress in his futuristic, guady mod-garb, proudly worn, much to the chagrin of his peers.

It has been surmised the camel balked, sensing its human burdan carried no packages or precious gifts for the journey, a bit farfetched to think an animal could know such things.  But those who hold this position do so, believing the rider's hands were empty other than the ropes with which he planned to guide his ride.   No gifts he carried, for you see, he had no plans to present a visible hands-on gift.  Rather, he planned to present to the newborn king his very own self - his life and his service, with his desire to become a lifetime subject of this promised King of kings. 

Personally, I prefer this final summary to the legend of The Fourth Wise Man, because I can then conclude the fourth wise man was most certainly no dummy; rather, it may just be possible he was the wisest of the wise.

While I leave the historical truth of this legend for you to decide, let me assure you it is God's promise that any person who presents himself or herself as a gift to the Christ of Christmas will receive peace and life everlasting - the greatest gift of all, and that's the truth. (Re: Holy Bible, John 3:16)


  1. Anonymous12/26/2011

    What a wonderful message, Mr. D. Thank you so much! I pray that each and everyone that has read it, knows or will come to know the reality of it. I hope that everyone is enjoying a most joyous 'CHRIST'mas.

    Wilson Kindred

  2. Anonymous12/26/2011

    I want to be the 4th WISEman, but believe I might have to settle for being the 4 trillionth man centuries later. Amazing that there is still room for one more in the Eternal Heaven.

  3. Mike Brown12/26/2011

    I recently ordered a DVD from Amazon called "The Fourth Wise man". It's my understanding that the movie details how this man followed Christ throughout his life. Haven't received it yet but looking foreward to seeing it.
    Hope you had a blessed Christmas and wishing you and yours a very happy and productive New Year!

  4. Anonymous12/26/2011

    Thank you Clinton for telling it like it is, and thank you Adelia, for sharing an example of your Nativity collection with all of us. And a Happy Second Day of Christmas!

  5. Happy Birthday Jesus and to all a Merry Christmas. I enjoyed the story of the fourth Wise man, I am sure many have followed his path, and I am sure that many more will, since you told this very interesting story, Thanks for sharing this, Thanks, Bill