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We purchased Maher Studios in August, 1969. That was the same month and year our youngest daughter, Dawn, was born. Two new "babies", both with considerable time demands, were welcomed permanently into our family at the same time...what were we thinking!

Thus, Dawn grew up with Maher Studios and attended many conventions with Adelia and me which is how she came to know many of you. She graduated Trinity College with a degree in education. It was at college where she met Steve Bryan who would become her husband. Together Steve and Dawn entered mission work in Ethiopia with the sending agency, SIM.

Steve is currently SIM's Director of Missions for the nation of Ethiopia, a nation much in the news today due to severe drought and famine. Dawn is Recruitment Director (currently on Sabbatical) for Bingham International School in the capital city of Addis Ababa which has been their home now for nearly 18 years. They have three sons.

Steve and Dawn produce a news/prayer letter several times each year telling of their work and experiences. Adelia and I are responsible for maintaining their mailing list, including overseeing the printing and mailing of their letter. So I feel it perfectly acceptable for me to invite any of you who would like to do so, to join their mailing list. Just drop me a note.

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