Maher Messenger

The decade of the 1990s was perhaps the busiest decade during the 40 years of our ownership of Maher Studios. In fact, so many new products were planned for introduction during the early '90s, I felt guilty even thinking about adding advertising for them all on the pages of Newsy Vents - there would be little remaining space for vent news! So in 1991 I made the decision to introduce a second newsletter, Maher Messenger (again - what was I thinking!).

The focus of this added publication was primarily new products, plus happenings with the Detweilers and within the Maher office and shop. This blog in many ways is a modern extension of the Maher Messenger.

I have one copy of the No. 1 edition of Maher Messemger to give away and it goes to David Nickell.

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