#9 N/V Give-away

I have two sets of three random 1991 issues of Newsy Vents to award today. And they will go to Tom Dahl and Karen Berkley.

I have to say, out of the hundreds of ventriloquist publicity photos I have seen, if I had to pick my top ten favorites, this one of Jim Barber (left & above) would be on my list. It must have been his favorite, too, at one point at least, because it is the one he chose for The Great Ventriloquits Collector Card series produced by M. A. Denemark. I have one of those cards mounted in a signed mat, ready for 5x7 frame, and I'm sending it to Cynthia Price. Congratulations, Cynthia (and Nick)!

Many of you recognize the young lady in the center photo above. That's our daughter Dawn, who now with her husband and three sons, live in Ethiopia which has been their home for nearly 18 years. (See post below)

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