SAM - Update

Early one morning, just over a week ago, Brent Vernon was devastated to discover many items had been stolen from his vehicle, including his vent figure, Sam. Brent was doing shows in Washington State and his vehicle was parked in his hotel's parking lot. As you can imagine, the days since have been discouraging with no report on Sam's whereabouts.

Sam is one of the "Comical Clyde" Knee Pal figures and the immediate question was - would someone have a Comical Clyde figure going unused they would be willing to sell? (The mold is no longer available for this figure.)

And the answer is, "Yes". Actually, two readers of this blog responded with willingness to come to Brent's rescue. It appears at this writing that Sam's replacement will come from Canon John Jordan. Brent will be able to reassure the hundreds of distraught kids (and big kids) via Facebook, that .... actually, I'm not sure how Brent will handle this for his fans. Could be interesting...


  1. P. Grecian8/09/2011

    I guess we can all watch ebay and see what happens. If Sam turns up there he may very well be re-dressed. Sympathy to Brent. :-(

  2. Very sorry to hear about this -- but it also serves as an important warning: NEVER, EVER leave anything of value in a vehicle overnight, especially at a hotel. Thieves, who'd rather take from others than make an honest living, target hotel parking lots precisely because people tend to keep valuables in their vehicles falsely thinking the parking lot is safe.

  3. this is terrible, I am so sorry for Brent, my advise for anyone traveling, NEVER leave anything in your car, I never even leave a pencil in my car, yes it will take an hour to unload up to the 2nd floor when there is no elevator, but you'll sleep better and not have to wake up every 2 hours to look out the window to make sure your car is still there!! also for anyone who is working gigs, get your stuff insured!!

  4. Anonymous8/09/2011

    Sorry to hear of the theft of your doll. Hope he gets returned soon.
    PS Hope the comments about not leaving him in your car isn't hurting you more. I'm sure you were protecting your pal as best you could at the time, after all, we weren't there.

  5. Brent, Terrible news. I certainly feel for you. Here's hoping that Sam is returned to you safe and sound. Good luck!

  6. Thanks so much for posting this, Clinton! I do realize that it is best not to leave my buddy in the vehicle all night... My problem is that I travel with lots of equipment and there would be no way for me to secure all of it every night. I do about 150 concerts a year.

    I am in the process of making certain that all of my gear - old and new - is properly insured. And from here on out, I will always park under a security camera or in a safer place. I did not realize that I was parked on a side of the building with no security cameras. The police department is still looking!

    Thanks again!

  7. bob steininger8/09/2011

    i have many figures and in my collection i do have a comical clyde if you are interested let me know and for every one readind this you might want to think about putting your initials or some kind of marking that no one knows about that if it turns up you can prove it is yours

  8. Ypu may put a reward in the paper, Hopefully someone will buy it, and then hear of the reward and do the right thing, May even tel who they got it from, Good Luck,
    Insurance is a good idea, so is the security camera, Hope you don't get too any pun's from this mistake, as it could happen to anyone!Who knows if you get him back you can make the theft, His adventures and the recovery of the figure part of the act, Just a thought.
    William C. Duff

  9. There was a figure advertised at the Mike Brose site that looked exactly like Sam ... the site is no longer working but perhaps Mr Brose has copies of the pictures.


  10. well... maybe not exactly but a striking resemblance. :)

    I don't think your audience will notice the difference. :)