Before and After

As I announced earlier, I am no longer building the ventrilo-etts.

So when a customer asked if there wasn't some way I could make an older man character before I quit, I took my final stock unsold puppet (left), and "aged" him quickly (right). I couldn't remove the freckles, but I did add reading glasses (hard to see).


  1. Anonymous8/10/2011

    Hey Clinton that's my puppet! And what a beauty he is........as I said in my email he is a "mini me". I have been wanting to send a photo but obviously I have been delayed....am hoping to send a photo of us both in the near future. Watch this space? Regards Geoffrey, Australia.

  2. First photo, Wow, Sho! No!!the ventrilo-ett said's " Wow, Mr. D. and Geoffrey, It appears as if I aged Over Night!! At Least I didn't Loose my cute Freckles!!!" Good thing you thought to give me Glasses, So I can see all of my Fans!! Oh No I really aged!! Maybe I should take off my glasses!!!" That way my Fan's can't see how OLD I am Getting Over Night!!!