Jimmy Nelson Premiums

The life and career of Jimmy Nelson was theme of this year's Vent Haven ConVENTion and there could not have been a more appropriate choice. Not only were there videos, tributes, and awards of various types, but each attendee received a free Jimmy Nelson Premium gift pack. All made possible by the effort and planning of Tom Ladshaw in cooperation with Mark Wade, ConVENTion chairman.

I have to say, the large 124 book, 70 Years of Laughter, is absolutely amazing. 124 pages featuring Jimmy's biography, a photo gallery covering his life and career, and a tribute section written by many who's careers have been influenced and inspired by this great gentleman. When I received my copy, I had to go through it twice before I could put it down. (I did email Tom and told him it was his fault that I missed half a day's work!)

If you were not at the convention, you can still get some of the premiums. The Jimmy Nelson books (limited in qauntity) are $20 each (PP U.S.). Jimmy Nelson Posters $5 each. Tote bags $10 each. The large Jimmy/Danny Pinbacks are $2 each. (The small character pins are sold out.)

All proceeds go to Vent Haven. Contact Tom Ladshaw to arrange purchase: LadshawTom@aol.com

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  1. Anonymous8/08/2011

    Clinton, thanks a lot for let us know about this book! I already bought one from Tom, a very pleasant transaction, and even though I still didn't receive my book, I'd like to recommend it to every vent! Thanks again! Marcelo Melison.