Hostage Freed!

Welcome back to Colorado, Sweeny!

A few days ago I wrote how UPS was holding up delivery of Canon John Jordan's "Sweeny", saying there was $45.00 COD on the parcel. The COD was a surprise to me as well as John who had made certain to prepay all shipping costs.

When UPS driver returned to our door yesterday with the parcel, he dropped it off saying no COD was due. Seems their office had received a call that morning saying the COD was to be cancelled! Sweeny was being released without bail! (In fairness to UPS I should tell you the COD was being called for by a "UPS Brokerage" - I have a suspicion that someone at a UPS contract station was trying to line their pockets, but I have no way of knowing that for a fact.)

In any case, Sweeny is here safely, ready to be prepped for the next phase of his life!


  1. Canon John Jordan8/24/2011

    A beautiful, heart-warming photo. Thanks, Clinton.

  2. Everything that is shipped to me by UPS has a $30.00 - $45.00 'Brokerage Fee'.