Another prize

Does anyone know the whereabouts today of Dick Wightman? (Try: www.treadleon.net ) Capt. Dick came onto the ventriloquist scene in 1984 as a dealer of vent figures, new and used, which were bought, sold, and traded for at his "Dummy Depot", Seattle, Washington. His ad, featuring the above photo, was displayed on the back cover of the 1993 Summer issue of Dialogue. The front cover introduced the issue's spotlight ventriloquist, Howard M. Olson.

An original copy of this 44 page newsletter is awarded today to James (J.D.) Haile.


  1. Anonymous8/18/2011

    I wonder if Bob Ladd might know where he is Clinton. It's odd. I myself, though never having met the man, have often wondered what became of him. Guess it just shows how caring & interested we vents are about our "brothers" & "Sisters", unlike alot of other art forms. Bill Smith

  2. Anonymous8/18/2011

    I wish I knew where he was , also ! I have the second figure he made , Johnny Sullivan , and used him in a movie " Carnies ", and I'd like to tell him about it ! Dave Markham