Day 2 (NV Give-away)

Today's vintage Newsy Vents give away set is from the year 1981 (Volume 37). Issue No. 2's cover was Dave Winchell (no relation to Paul Winchell) and LeRoy. Leroy was one of the early Storyteller living mouth figures by Lovik. Dave was/is an outstanding vent, an expert in both technical skill and presentation performance. I've lost contact with Dave and would love to connect again. If someone reading this can help me reconnect, I sincerely would appreciate it. I have another "Leroy" from that same era in my inventory and before I offer it for public sale, I would like to see if Dave has need of a backup for Leroy.

Today's set of three 1981 NV issues goes to Bob LaBelle.

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  1. Anonymous8/18/2011

    I took a community college 10 week course in vent in the 70's, & have always wondered who made the teacher's figure {didn't ask him at the time}& now i know it was a storyteller. Thanks Clinton! Bill Smith