Today - Three (plus two) winners!

284 pages of facts and photos! Ventriloquists past and present. The Yorick Yodelsap* History of Ventriloquism by Bob Albano is a potpourri of ventriloquist information and fun. Even my first $5 Ventriloquist Collectible Coin was included in this book along with a section that pictures the rare 18th century (1796) copper halfpenny token by ventriloquist Joseph Askins. Four coins by magicians are also pictured. I have to wonder if 200 plus years from now if any of my collector coins will still exist...I'd be curious how the 500 $5 and $7 Collector Coins I had minted compare with the number Joseph Askins produced?

Thanks to Bob Albano I have three new copies of this book to award today. I'm doing something a bit different with these. I've drawn the names of SEVEN persons and the FIRST THREE from this group to contact me via email will receive one book each: Tod Erickson, Dean Atkinson, Rodney McVey, David Nakasone, Doug Pries, William Passmore, and Jay Cooper. Ready, set, go! :)

*Yorick Yodelsap is the name of the ventriloquist figure on the book's cover. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of one or more of Bob's ventriloquist history books, you can email him for details: aaafonsy@gmail.com

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