15 Day Newsy Vents Give-Away - Day 1

Thanks to Bob Abdou, I have an eclectic collection of used Newsy Vents/Maher Messengers published between 1980 and 2002 to give away via blog drawings. I've compiled them loosely into sets by year published, and will give away a set a day from now through the last day of the month.

FYI: Newsy Vents was published continually in the printed version from 1969-2006. In 2006 I ceased mailing a printed paper newsletter and switched to the on-line daily blog.)

Today's set of three vintage (and slightly worn) issues come from the year 1980, and include the issue devoted to Script Writing which was eventually published as a booklet by Maher Studios.

The winner of today's set of Newsy Vents is John Conte.

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