Vent Haven Picture Postcards

Can you believe the International Ventriloquist Convention begins just six days from today in Ft. Mitchell, KY?! Vent Haven Museum Curator, Jennifer Dawson, sent me several Museum picture postcards to give away on my blog. The museum has undergone some beautiful upgrades since the "Schoolhouse" photo (above) was taken, but it still is a fascinating picture. "Jocko" (below) never changes, of course. Jocko was created 1939-1941 by brothers George and Glenn McElroy according to specifications by W. S. Berger, Museum founder. By drawing, I am awarding one set of these postcards today to each of the following persons: Frank Westcott, Matt Sponaugle, Holger Kunz, Maggie Forth, Robert Weis, and Rico Ventola. (Contact me within 14 days to claim your prize.)

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