Introducing ...

Here's Simon with his new look and upgrades - nice! He's 34" tall, with fully lined, contoured, balanced body enabling him to sit alone safely. Side-to-side moving eyes (self-centering), plus very visible and fun raising eyebrows. Hardwood control levers mounted on hardwood head post. Safety headlock. He wears standard children size 2T (or 3T will work, too), and comes dressed just as you see him pictured here. (Additional photos at link below.)


  1. Anonymous7/06/2011

    WOW! You ALWAYS do a great job Clinton, but, since my first figure, & the one i used for SEVERAL years, was a simon, i had a particular interest in seeing how this came out. I always thought simon was a great figure for being a "toy". Mom cut a wig to fit & made outfits & i made his arm able to move to "wave". I was a little worried that the original great look to simon's face would suffer, but it still has the same great look, but more "pro". Congrats on a SUPER job on my little pal's "brother"! Bill Smith

  2. Anonymous7/06/2011

    Great looking figure!