Pulling Strings ...

This marionette puppet was among the puppets and vent figures the family of Marilyn Roques donated to the ministry of Darrell and Sandy Blatchley. Normally I do not feature marionette puppets, but I thought this one was unique because of the way it was strung. The strings are a bit thicker than those found on most marionettes, which allows them to be simply wedged into narrow slits cut into the wooden control bar (no knots) - so simple to adjust (and when necessary, untangle).

On a couple related notes, Bob Abdou sent me the link to the Hazelle Museum in Missouri, a site he says is a must for any lover of puppets: http://www.hazelle.org/

And our son-in-law, Terry, sent a link to a marionette in action where the operator (and puppet) are quite amazing: http://www.youtube.com/embed/kPvciIdDZAE



  1. P. Grecian7/08/2011

    Bob's right about the Hazelle place. I've haunted their website in the past, but, though they're within about an hour-and-a-half drive from here, I haven't been there. I need to go. I have three Hazelle marionettes hanging from the ceiling in the corner of my office. I've had them for over fifty years.

  2. The youtube of the marionette is a astonishing. So many details, so many strings... it must be like playing Paganini on a violin. The operator must have been starting with marionettes very young (like you should with a violin)... it has become second nature.