Bare Feet

Question: I'm looking for a pair of bare feet- different from Mike Brose's stuff - more of a goofy foot- if that is a description :^)
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From Mr. D: I don't make bare feet myself. Some 20 or so years ago we sold, through Maher Studios, flexible latex bare feet made by Craig Lovik. He made them in a couple sizes with the idea they could be slipped over the figure's foot (shoe off) when bare feet were desired. And then when shoes were more appropriate the bare feet could be removed from the foot and the shoes put back on. It was a great idea. Unfortunately, Craig left the figure making business about that same time and his son did not continue the production of this item. I have no idea if the molds even exist. So as I write this, sorry, but I do not know of a source for a "cartoonish" foot that could be used on a vent figure.


  1. Anonymous6/21/2011

    Selberg sold them as an extra feature on his figures in the 90's. They do add a country view, but shoes for them are rather large to fit.

  2. Anonymous6/21/2011

    If i remember right, selberg's were an optional way, instead of the typical cloth or whatever. What Clinton was speaking of, was lower leg areas & feet that were hollow, so you could basically slip them on like shoes, but they'd be bare feet instead, then if you wanted shoes on, you slip them off & put shoes on. I don't think selberg's were hollow or able to slip on & off, but i may be wrong.

  3. Craig also made a pair of bare feet of rigid molded latex. Some of the Jingo characters came with such bare feet installed permanently. I liked their appearance, but did not like the fact that they were "noisy" as they hit against one another as the figure was handled. That is one of the reasons Craig came up with a bare foot made of flexible latex. The flexible latex material was silent when the figure was being handled. Being able to quickly slip the "boot'like" feet off and fit the figure with shoes as needed was just an extra bonus.