Ventriloquist books by William H. Andersen

For the record, here's a complete listing of the 27 books authored by the late William H. Andersen and published by Maher Ventriloquist Studios:

#210 Animal Sense and Nonsense - Humorous gospel routines for skunk, mouse, chicken, fish, monkey, dog, and bird. Adaptable to other animals as well.

#1194 From The Birds - Eight comedy dialogues for use with a bird puppet ot figure plus a collection of funny bird gags. Best seller.

#223 Short Routines - 45 short comedy routines 1-3 minutes in length. Wide variety of subjects.

#211 My Favorite Routines - Eight full length programs filled with tested lines; guaranteed laughs. Delightful family fun.

#1189 Ventriloquism For Little Children - How to entertain young children. Ideas, Tips, Cautions, participations, suggestions, plus eight kid-tested comedy dialogues.

#1328 Ventriloquism For Senior Citizens - Who are Seniors and why should you entertain them? Where can you find Senior audiences? What can you do for them? Plus TEN of Andersen's favorite dialogues for seniors.

#209 Tell Me A Story Gramps - Five complete dialogues written for use with a fun loving older puppet. Many lines useful when entertaining the senior audience with any puppet.

#106 School Talk For Dummies Vol 1 - Eight comedy dialogues with school subject themes.

#165 School Talk For Dummies Vol 2 - Five more school themed comedy dialogues.

#166 School Talk For Dummies Vol 3 - More classroom laughter. Four dialogues. Plus a Sunday School lesson (no serious message - just all fun).

#212 Silly Riddles and Fun Knock Knocks - Great collection of gags for small children, all written in vent dialogue format.

#851 Ventriloquist Safety Programs - Six entertaining routines with serious teaching complete with followup discussion material. Bike Safety, Fire Safety, Drug Prevention, 911, Gangs, Stranger Danger.

#1430 Know Your Character - Written to help the ventriloquist develop strong puppet character traits and personality. Lots of ideas and examples with actual dialogue. Excellent.

#861 Ventriloquism From A-V - If it's a subject that has anything to do with ventriloquism, it's probably discussed in this book! Professional secrets and advice gleaned from a lifetime of experience as well as interviews with active professional ventriloquists.

#862 Write Your Own Scripts - How to get ideas, what makes jokes funny, how to organize material, plus sample writings. Andersen even lists ways you can learn to be funny! This book can turn an average writer of vent material into an expert.

#845 Short Bible Routines Vol 1 - Old Testament stories (15 or more)

#846 Short Bible Routine Vol. 2 - More Old Testament Stories

#847 Short Bible Routines Vol 3 - New Testament Stories

#962 David and Goliath - A complete situation Bible story routine. The vent figure plays the part of the hero (David) with hilarious results. A full 30 minute program which could be divided or condensed as needed.

#961-A Bible Humor - A collection of nearly 250 jokes based on Bible characters, incidents, and ideas suggested by Bible Stories.

#961-B More Bible Humor - A continuation of "Bible Humor". All jokes scripted in dialogue form. For ventriloquists, storytellers, puppeteers, and even preachers and teachers.

#208 111 Ways To Use Ventriloquism In Church - An amazing variety of ways the ventriloquist may expand their services in churches and children's ministries.

#115 Make Your Own Dummy - A set of illustrated plans for building one's own ventriloquist figure. 40 pages. Includes diagrams for building a number of extra animations.

#125 Mental Magic For Vents - 35 amazing mental ventriloquist effects complete with the secrets for working. Present them with the vent figures as suggested, or present them yourself. Add variety to the ventriloquist show.

#901 Gospel Magic For Beginners Vol. 1 - Ten complete lessons, each with the scripture, the effect, the preparation, the presentation, and the secret. Easy-to-make props with instructions.

#903 Gospel Magic For Beginners Vol 2 - All the features of the above book. Ten more lessons.

#1438 Gospel Magic For Beginners Vol. 3 - Ten more ministry lessons.
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From Mr. D: What an amazing list! William Andersen was by far the most prolific writer we worked with at Maher Studios. I still have copies of many of his titles for sale. If you are interested in purchasing any of the above books, please email me a list and I will provide you with availability and prices. mahertalk@aol.com

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