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Question: I'm trying to find any information on the dummy I have. It was purchased about 4 years ago on eBay. I live in England, but it is not from this country although I believe it is European and quite old (50's?) If you could tell me anything about it, I'd be grateful. IP

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From Mr. D: While I've restored many vintage ventriloquist dolls, including several like yours, I am no expert on them. Because of this doll's monocle, I always thought it was originally sold as a Charlie McCarthy, probably in the '40's, and since I've worked on several, I assumed they were made in the USA. How about it, folks, anyone know the factual details on this little fellow?

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From Dan Willinger (Ventriloquist Central): Made by Regal Toys in Canada. NOT Charlie McCarthy but made to compete with the Effanbee Charlie McCarthy.

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  1. Thanks for posting this up Mr D, and thanks for the information Dan. I see Regal Toys didn't start till 1959 so that makes him younger than I thought. Can the age be narrowed down more than that?

    Much appreciated,