Ready for duty

I want to thank Ed Golick for this wonderful photo of Skinny Dugan" with Ted Lloyd dressed in Navy uniforms. It is the first I had seen this photo. Ed tells me Ted served in the Army during WW2, so what they are doing here in Navy uniform is unknown. They do make a handsome pair!

Skinny Dugan is a 1940 McElroy figure, and was owned and used by Fred Maher until his untimely death in 1952. After Fred's death, Madeleine sold the figure to Ted Lloyd, a Detroit children's TV personality known as "Sagebrush Shorty". "Dugan" was sold with the stipulation that the figure not be renamed.

Lloyd died in 1999 and his widow sold the figure to his current owner, Jeff Dunham. You can read "The Real Skinny On SKINNY DUGAN" here: http://detroitkidshow.com/Skinny_Dugan.htm

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