Quick change artist

Fred Anderson sent this photo of himself with "Archie", his Lovik figure, dressed in his WW2 vintage Canadian uniform. They normally dress in this manner for their shows for seniors who remember this style of uniform.

After singing a few "hits of the blitz" WW2 songs, Archie decides he wants to leave the army and go into show business. This is when Archie goes under the table where Fred quickly switches the head to a second body dressed in a tux and Archie reappears and the pair move into their regular comedy skit, ending with Archie singing his special version of the "Green, Green Grass of Home", to the delight of their audience.

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  1. What a difference between Archie and the officer below. An arch and a gumbling figure.
    They will create a total different dialogue and different joke's... when was a grumbling figure introduced (was it with Walter from Dunham or before...)?