Memorial Day 2011

It is appropriate today to again bring to your attention the trip Terry Fator made to Texas earlier this year to perform for the service men, women and children of Fort Hood. The purpose of the event was to provide for joy, laughter and a memorable evening for these who sacrifice so much for our freedom. The event has been documented with a very cool video with scenes from that day. Watch the video here: http://www.terryfator.com/videos.html?ma_id=1&mc_id=57&p=1

More recently, Terry donated $20,000 to Snowball Express, an organization started in early 2006 with the simple idea of providing hope and new memories to the children of military fallen heroes who died while on active duty since 9/11. All individuals as well as organizations are welcome to follow Terry's example by contribute to Snowball Express. Any donation, be it $1 or one thousand dollars, is received with gratitude from this largely voluntary effort. www.snowballexpress.org/AboutUs.aspx


  1. Anonymous5/30/2011

    Dear Clinton, this is a fantastic post! I am not surprised that Terry Fator does things like this. His donation of both talent and cash to the Vets and Active Military, shows where his heart is.

    I think every Ventriloquist should take a cue from, Terry and if they don't already seek out Veterans organizations and hospitals as places to perform, they sure will consider that now with Terry Fator's lead. Your reward for doing shows like this, whether for only a few Vets, or a room full, will be so great your heart will burst with joy, and your eyes will fill with tears of appreciation! God Bless!

    Regards to all, Joe "Capt. Joe" Radle </:o)

  2. Anonymous5/30/2011

    This reminds me of when i did vent with a variety show group,every month for quite a while in the 1980's, at the Audie Murphy V.A. hospital in San Antonio, Texas {named after the actor Audie Murphy, & has a small museam of his stuff there}. That was a LOT of fun, & the vets really liked it! Terry is an AMAZING guy!! :)) Bill Smith