Just in Case!

For a time, I'm back in the Custom Cases for Figures business. This was the scene last week after I finished padding and lining cases for orders. I did have an assistant, as you can see, but he was more company than actual help! For more Case information, Click Here and scroll down to the Custom Carrying Case photos, sizes, and prices.


  1. P. Grecian4/27/2011

    To anybody who's on the fence: I received four cases from Clinton (Three blue-lined, one red-lined. I'd like to think my cases are featured in the photo!). They are excellent! They're sturdy, lightweight and keep my vent figures safe and secure. I couldn't be happier.

  2. You are correct, Phillip - yours are four of the five pictured.

  3. P. Grecian4/27/2011

    Hooray! my cases are famous!