Practicing Conversation

By Michael M. Rzeminski

It will be important to work on your dialog until the conversation between your figure and yourself is so natural that the audience will think it is actually two different people carrying on the conversation.This is where your acting ability will show up. Work on each line to get it down in your mind. Work in front of the mirror to see your facial expressions. Remember that your facial expressions should be opposite of what the figure's voice is expressing.

It is good to practice conversation with a friend or relative so that you can start thinking as another personality. Do this by carrying on a simple three way conversation between you, your figure, and a friend. Make sure that you do not do more talking than your figure. Try to get the conversation to the point where the third party will speak to your figure without hesitation or with awareness that your figure is not real.
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The above excerpt is from Izzy Rizzy's Home Study Course in Ventriloquism, copyright 1975. A copy of this 42 page collectible book has been provided for today's prize by George Boosey, and the winner by way of today's prize drawing, is Jose Moraga.


  1. Anonymous4/28/2011

    Mr. D.,

    Are there copies of this book available for purchase?


  2. I'm not aware of a source for this out of print book.

  3. Was going to ask the same question Clinton, Could you ask if it so? Inquiring minds would like to know

  4. Izzy Rizzy has been out of business for 30 years or more...try eBay or Amazon. It's a long shot but one may turn up. This is a rare prize.

  5. Anonymous4/30/2011

    This is sound advice and if I may add something. Driving around in your car can be a great practice place if you are alone. I have even put on a tape and recorded conversations with one or more of my puppets. They are not there of course, it's just me and their voices. You can comment on traffic, the scenery, a nice car, a pretty girl, or even road kill! Mostly I talk with my, "Uncle Clyde" puppet. He was built by Clinton for me many years ago. We chat and have great Q & A sessions, too.

    Reading this I also got a weird thought. Wouldn't you think that more people with schizophrenia would want to get into ventriloquism? Just wondering? No you're not! Yes I am! You are not! Okay, have it your way!

    Regards, Joe "Capt. Joe" Radle </:O)