The "monster" in my shop

Meet Jamison. He's the one with the mustache. When I agreed to repaint his head and hands, I did not know fully what I was getting myself into. For one thing, this is the heaviest figure I've ever handled (and that includes Finis' work), and the head is permanently attached to the body so there was no practical way to separate it and support it. Repainting had to be done in stages so there was always a dry side upon which it could rest, while the other side, freshly painted, could fully cure.

During the job process Jamison became an imposing presence whom I semi-jokingly referred to as "the monster in my shop". But, the job is finished. Here you see the old cowpoke with his fully refreshed finish. He's now back on the job with his boss (Wayne Francis), and I once again have some much appreciated extra working space in my shop.


  1. P. Grecian4/26/2011

    What a lot of character, though! Did Mr. Francis build Jamison himself?

  2. Jamison's head was built about 30 years ago by a wonderful Denver puppeteer, Larry Frost.

  3. Anonymous4/30/2011

    Wow! I have one short comment on this one. If they ever make a puppet version of "The Godfather", Jamison could play the lead! If I were to caption this photo I would have the puppet say:

    " I am making you an offer you can't refuse!"

    The facial expression, the hand position, the open mouth, say it all! Okay I lied, it wasn't a short comment, but it was short for me!

    Regards, Joe "Capt.Joe" Radle </:o)