A Quintet

We had owned Maher Studios exactly one year when this photo was taken August, 1970. Usually we completed figures pretty much one at a time, but at the time this photo was taken we had completed five vent figures in the same week. No, they were not built in one week's time; I was never that fast! They had been under construction for several weeks, and brought to completion in the same week, so we could pack them up before we made a trip from Littleton to my hometown of Harper, Kansas. Yes, I know there are six figures in this picture, but only five are Detweiler workmanship. The sixth, on my lap in this picture, was built by Madeleine Maher with George Eazer as mechanic. This figure was my personal buddy and made the trip with our family while the others went their separate ways. My "Skinny" now resides in Vent Haven Museum. I'd love to know where the other five are located today!


  1. I actually own the figure 2nd from the left. under his wig it says "hal" and he still has the same exact clothes on too! he's amazing!

  2. Cool andrew, I am glad you seen this feature, and was able to answer atleast one of the figures, Good luck Mr. D. on finding the others, as this so far has been interesting. Andrew, do you Vent still, If so maybe Mr. D. would n't mind putting a video ion here of the two of you. Thanks all who make Mr. D's Blog a success, starting with Mr. D. and his darlimng wife who supports his dreams and efforts to make Ventriloquist a houshhold name, I will try to get to the Museum some time, thanks for the information. Bill