Two Cent Slogan

Okay - enough! Ha!
Some 50 readers of this blog have submitted nearly 200 possible slogans and phrases for my planned TWO CENT ventriloquist coin. I'm going to pick two - maybe three, but it won't be easy. You are a clever group! Priceless, even! Thank you for your entries. At some future date I will post a selection of the entries along with the two or three selected for engraving on the coin.
You're the best!


  1. Anonymous3/20/2011

    Clinton, this type of exercise is beneficial to most vents as it brings out their creative abilities, much like in writing bits for their Side-Kick Figures. I really got into this one myself. Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for your blog. It is always interesting to view.
    Regards, Joe "Capt. Joe " Radle </:o)

  2. Clinton all and anything I could do to assist such a great blog as yours would only be an honor to me. I am happy for you that you have gotten soi many fine replies to your 2 cent piece. I tried my best for you, hope you liked what i shared.

  3. I agree, I enjoyed the experience of creation, I hope it will help you with this plan, as it soulds like a cool venture, Even if you don't use my ideas, I hope that if you need one of them for something in the future, you will help your self, Great Blog, I have learnt a lot all ready. Thanks, William C. Duff