Eye See You

By Mark Wade
(KidShow Ventriloquism)
This funny bit involves using the Peachey Keene Giant Binoculars. I bring my puppet friend out and say "Well, Tommy, we certainly have a great audience today! Boys and girls as far as the eye can see!" The puppet says, "I can't see everybody - especially the kids in the back!"
I take out of my suitcase a pair of giant binoculars and put them up to the puppet's face. On the lens end of the binoculars are two giant eyeballs - supposedly the puppet's eyes magnified by the binoculars. This gets a huge laugh and I let the puppet scan the room so everybody can see the puppet's big eyes in the binoculars.
I then have him pan around to me. I'm so close to him that the puppet screams, which gets another laugh. I say, "What's wrong?" The puppet answers, "I thought I saw the Grand Canyon - but it had teeth! Wait a minute - I was looking at your mouth!"

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