Kid Show Ventriloquism

132 pages of proven advice and tips for Kidshow success! By the Kidshow expert, Mark Wade, who performs more than 400 Kidshows per year! Check out the chapter titles:
1) Why Kidshow Ventriloquism
2) Vent Mechanics for Kidshows
3) Bringing the Act Together
4) Kidshow Comedy Technique
5) Mark Wade's Kidshow Stuff
6) Kidshow Potourii
7) Comedy Props and Visual Humor
8) Kidshow Troubleshooting
9) Showmanship Tips For the Working Vent
10) Marketing Your Show
11) Ask-a-Vent
12) Parting Thoughts

KidShow Ventriloquism: $9.95 each postpaid. Contact Mr. D to order your copy.

And via today's drawing I am giving one signed copy of Kidshow ventriloquism to Joyce Bowen.

Bonus: Chapter Seven contains nearly a dozen suggested ways to incorporate comedy props and visual humor into the act. The following post is just one of them for your enjoyment and use.

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  1. Hi Mr. D and Mark Wade, I can see why you like putting on kids shows, a nabor of mine had a death in the family, so they were watching 3 children 6 (g) 8 (B) and 12 (G), They were all down and upset, well as the evening arose someone mentioned that I made and ventriloquist puppets, So one little cute girl asked me with a smile, so it was all it took, I think by the time the night was over i had out a dozen puppets playing with them, the little girl was the most excited and kept asking questions, then said, here is my puppet, and took only her hand and moved it like a mouth, while making a sentance, without hardly moving her mouth, I suddenly decided to give the 3 kids a puppet to practice ventriloquist with, they all love the monkey, and all were taking turns, the evening was unplanned but it was a releaf from the sorrow and who knows, I am curious which child will actually make a career out of it, I even showed a D.V.D. of mark Wades, of which is for sale also from Mr. Derweiler. Thanks,It was a pleasure to aid in easing such sorroe, the Duff Dozen. Bill