The power of association

From Bob Abdou:

I've always had the belief that one wanting to learn ventriloquism you can read all the books, watch all the videos, listen to all the audio tapes - but nothing beats association, one on one with your peers. I am proof that association can make one a better entertainer.
Having 22 folks, from Texas and the surrounding area, make the effort to associate at our gathering made me feel proud. My wife June and I wanted to make sure all our guests were treated like royalty. Some have asked me about repeating the event next year? My only answer is, "How could I not?"
Everybody left happy, everybody felt good about their craft, and most of all, everybody left with new friends for life.


  1. Steve Engle3/02/2011

    In Bob's right hand picture, it looks like all
    the figures are from Kem Poyner. very nice.

  2. Congradulations Bob, on a very successful beginning to what I hope will be a long and ,Educational, and fun future, I wish I was there, Maybe somecday, but I wouldn't qualifigh for the quality that youur guests and you posess, I was wondering if anyone fgot a video of any of the performance, casual dinnr event? Sounds great, I hope the Figures got there fill. and you all Enjoyed a lot, I sure did.
    Smart move on the purchase of the recent Vent figure you boyught from Mr. D. Already a historic piece and sure to improve with time and proper care, Your place sounds amazing, Thanks,for sharing it,
    William C. Duff and Family.

  3. You often ask about videos, Bill. There are dozens of ventriloquists who have posted videos on YouTube...you could spend several hours searching and watching them and never see them all, I think.