Today's Prize

Congratulations to Bob Abdou, winner of this signed Todd Oliver "Great Ventriloquist" Trading card! Todd will have his own shown in his own theater along the Branson Strip next season. If you're in the area you would be well advised to schedule time to take in Todd's new show!


  1. Hey I won!!!, June and I visited Todd and his family last year on our way back from Chicago, what a nice time and great guy and family. This gem will fit in nicely with my collection. thank you

  2. Congradulations, what a great item and what a decent and cool man to receive it, it will fit well with your Dacore, Very impressive collection. Goood Luck with the Texas Convention thing you are Developing, I am sure it will be a chatter, at least for the Vents. Have fun,
    Bill Duff Family.