Mr. D's Figure Warranty

I had a situation come up last week which indicates I should again make public my warranty policy on the figures I sell. It is unchanged from the years we operated Maher Ventriloquist Studios.

If you purchase any new or refurbished ventriloquist figure from me, it comes with a full one year warranty on parts and workmanship. And that's regardless of who built the figure; unless stated otherwise, if I sell it, I guarantee it.

So, if you purchase a figure from me, and the day it arrives the chin falls off (as was the case last week), there's no need to file a claim with the delivery service. Just contact me and I'll take care of it. Or if any movement fails to operate as it should, etc. Contact me - It's that simple.

Now, if your dog chews a few fingers of a hand, or your ex smashes the figure with a hammer in a fit of anger, or if it falls off the roof of your car and cracks it's head open, or the delivery truck driver backs over the parcel (oh yes, I've dealt with all of these and many more), the damages may not be covered by my warranty, but don't panic - I will still fix the problem. I've been doing it for 40 years and I won't change how I do business just because I retired from Maher Studios.


  1. Winkle and Wags1/07/2011

    Folks, this declaration illustrates why Mr. D. is such a revered gentleman, and an important one, to all vents. To newcomer and veteran alike, he holds a special place of honor.

    Thank you, sir ... thank you.

  2. Anonymous1/07/2011

    Amen to that. Mr. D. is the real deal !

    Tom Farrell

  3. Anonymous1/07/2011

    Amen, Winkle & Wags! Couldn't agree with you more. Mr. D. has been greatly assisting me in this crazy art of ours since I was around 10 years old, back in '78!