Leprechaun Ventrilo-ett?

Question #1: Would you consider building a Leprechaun Ventrilo-ett for St. Patrick's Day?
* * * *
Answer: You are not the first to ask, and I do have the character penciled in on my "hope to do" list. Watch this blog. If they do turn from fantasy to reality, they'll make their appearance here first!
# # #
Question #2: How about a Ventrilo-ett with moving eyes?
* * * *
Answer: I've thought about moving eyes (side-to-side or open-and-close), going so far as to work out some of the mechanical design. But I hesitate begin building because I know it would double or triple the construction time which I fear could result in an unacceptable selling price. The jury is still out on this one.


  1. Anonymous1/06/2011

    The "Little People" tell me that all the men of their company have a red beard, Amish style, "on cheeks and chin", but keep the upper lip shorn. And that's how you can tell whether he's a true leprechaun having fun, or an imposter up to no good in the early morn. The fun of it all - I can hardly wait!

  2. Good to know - I don't want any imposters seen coming from my shop!