Shop Update

This is the quartet that will greet me when I go to my shop today (unless they've moved themselves around from last evening). The figure on the right is the "mystery" figure that was shown on a post here about a week ago. Repairs have been made to the mouth and head and he is now in the process of being repainted.

The figure on the far left has unique Maher history. The head is actually that of the figure I constructed in 1975 in the process of writing Lesson 18 on How To Build A Dummy which was added to the Maher Course of that same year. I'm now converting that head to ball/socket neck and I've refined the self-centering mechanism on the eyes, added raising eyebrows, and will hopefully have it ready for sale in a couple weeks. The two fellows in the center receive my attention ATIA ("as time is available").
I'll also be taking photos today of the Len Insull (Davenport) head I'm preparing for auction. I plan to post those photos on Monday.


  1. The figure on the right has a very dramatic expression. Curious how he/she will make his/her (re)entré.

  2. Joe Muscarella1/16/2011

    That is remarkable. Isn't that figure made of paper mache? 1975...How in the world? I just sent you a request for that lesson #18. Can't wait to get it again!

  3. Anonymous1/16/2011

    looks like they're just "hanging around" waiting for their "papa" to return. :)

  4. The head on the left is paper mache, yes. Some people fear the durability of that material, but believe me, it will stand the test of time, most likely outlasting the life of maker!